Saturday, February 18, 2012

and we're home owners

In late January, we closed on a house. I walked on the deck. It was a little cold that day.

I walked by the nandina lining our new house.

I hugged the tree in our side-yard. I wonder what it will look like in bloom.

We saw the sunset from our front porch.

With the help of amazing people in our life, we started renovating. Thanks Chelsea, Mom, Dad, Kristin, Melanie, Michael, and Jeremy. Seriously, thanks!

Sissy, thanks in advance for the curtains. :)

We changed fixtures and hung shower curtains. We painted walls and caulked cracks.

We adopted an old dog, Angel, aka Hell's Angel, from my mom. Angel is loving her spoiled, indoor life.

We started composting!

We adopted a young dog, Baron. He killed a rabbit in our yard at midnight on a Wednesday.

It's Saturday, and Mr. B hasn't killed anything else since.

Other things that have happened not documented with photos:
  • I got two new writing gigs, hurrah!
  • Baron chewed up a human bed
  • Baron chewed up a dog bed
  • Baron chewed up the hose handle + a doggie shampoo bottle after getting a bath
  • Angel stormed the doggie gate because her new brother was crying in his crate
  • We got a dog sitter who fell asleep, defeating her only purpose
  • We got snuggies
  • We're both working in the same room (even though we have two extra, completely empty rooms) because I was lonely and we're used to such tiny spaces